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African grey parrots, Behavior, Congnitive communication, Intelligence, Congo, Timneh, The Platinum Parrot, Lisa A. Bono, Positive reinforcement, Gentle training methods, 37 years experience in all avenues of aviculture.

Past Events

I have been active in fundraising  and continuing education events over the past several decades. This passion started back in the 1990′s with the formation of my bird club. Many of the fundraising events have benefited the Alex Foundation but other recipients have been Popcorn Park Zoo, numerous sanctuaries & rescues, clubs, PDD research with Dr Branson Ritchie and various animal hospitals. My involvement in some events have been but not limited to: volunteering man hours, donating funds, served as personal assistants, aided in transportation & lodging,  inviting key note speakers, providing media handouts,  booking reservations of attendees, filming of events, Master of Ceremonies, hostess or chaired events or being  featured as the Key Note Speaker.

All the pictures below are property of /taken by/ and courtesy of Lisa or George Bono.

Photobucket The  Alex Foundation Booth At the Pet Expo- Edison NJ-2003

  The  Alex Foundation Fundraiser – Hackensack, NJ .Rose, Trudy, Betsy, Lisa & Dr. Pepperberg-APRIL  18, 2004

The  Alex Foundation Fundraiser Dinner-Cafe Gallery,Burlington NJ 
Liz Wilson, Maggie Wright, Dr. Irene Pepperberg, Dr. Laura Wade, Dr. Cyndi Brown,
Lisa Bono and Rose Lawlor-April 23rd, 2005

Dr Laura Wade, ABVP and Dr. Irene Pepperberg with Sydney Bell, Emma Lynn & Stirling- Ewing, NJ-2005


      Dr.  Pepperberg- Alex Foundation Fundraiser- Barnegat NJ  -Oct,2009


 Lisa, Dr. Pepperberg, Shari and Dr. Sam Backos, ABVP-  Pompano Beach, Florida-2011



Dr. Pepperberg, Lisa & BirdTalk writer-Patrica Sund. Boca Raton, Florida-2011 

       Christmas Basket for the Zoo Birds, one of several sent.

                   The Alex Foundation Fundraiser- Oct 2011 with Lisa, Dr. Irene Pepperberg and Dr. Jeff Applegate, DVM-Barnegat NJ, 2011

       Dr. Irene Pepperberg & Dr. Nicole Wyre, ABVP – Oct 2011, Barnegat NJ 

                        In attendence at Parrot Festival to benefit The National Parrot Rescue & Preservation Foundation-Patricia Sund, Robin Shewokis, Lisa A. Bono, Jessica Pineda, & Dr. Susan Orosz, ABVP – Houston Tx, 2012


 Grey seminar- Lisa A. Bono as guest speaker- Funds raised for The Alex Foundation- Deerfield Beach, Fl. June 2012


Dr. Sam Backos, ABVP- Avian, Lisa, Barbara & Maria.   Deerfield Beach Fl.- June 2012

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