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African grey parrots, Behavior, Congnitive communication, Intelligence, Congo, Timneh, The Platinum Parrot, Lisa A. Bono, Positive reinforcement, Gentle training methods, 37 years experience in all avenues of aviculture.

Published work

Tone Down Aggression
September 2011
Understanding why a parrot might bite is the first step to nipping it in the bud.

Noise 101 – Bowtie/BirdsUSA 2011
January 1, 2011
Pet bird noise levels,frequencies and what to do when it’s excessive.

African Parrots
November 2011
Unique behaviors of African parrots.

African Grey Parrots- Myths & Facts
October 2010
Explore the myths and truths behind pet African grey parrots.

African Grey Parrots –
October 2010
Unique behaviors, sounds, foraging ideas.

African Grey Parrots –
October 2010
Nutrition & deficiencies that can affect a grey parrot.

Congo vs.
November 2010
What’s The Difference Between Congo African Greys & Timneh African Greys?
Find out the differences between these two popular African grey subspecies.

Model-Rival Training Technique –
February 2011
Learn about the model-rival training technique as used by Dr. Irene Pepperberg in her work with Alex, the African grey parrot.

Uniquely Grey
Bowtie/BirdTalk Sept 2012 issue
August 1, 2012
Many behaviors we see with our pet African grey parrots are genetically programmed for survival, just like those of their wild cousins. Being domestically raised and living in with people does not change something that is instinctual. However, an African grey’s natural instincts may evolve into usalbe behaviors with differnt meanings once in our homes.

Different Birds Say it Differently
In Your Flock Magazine
December 2012
Learn to watch the body language of carious parrot species.

In Your Flock Magazine- Columnist – Shades Of Grey
2012 – to present

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